Kira - The Dark Crystal Fanart
Kira - The Dark Crystal Fanart

I'm a huge fan of The Dark Crystal. The original movie is a cult classic - a beautiful and strange and dark fantasy story with some of the most elaborate puppetry in film history. When I heard the new TV show was coming out, I got super excited and fell in love with it all over again, and I was absolutely thrilled with the show and the incredible artistry of the characters and sets.

I had an extremely ambitious goal at first - to create a Gelfling character creator toy, reflecting the amazing diversity of the Gelfling race, from all the different skin and hair colours to the different clothing and accessories of each clan. Needless to say, I soon realised this was way too much work to get done in any reasonable timeframe, so I scaled it right back to something much more manageable - my darling Kira, from the original movie. This isn't a perfect replica of her puppet but my own vision of her. Gentle, kind, steely Kira~

~39,000 tris, 6 texture sets for skin, hair, clothing, eyes, wings and the crystal shard prop. Many thanks to Shayleen Hulbert for her advice and encouragement :)

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