The main characters for a game I am working on with my partner: two sisters called Orla and Rua. Each can adopt the form of a knight, a sorcerer or an assassin. The same base mesh was used to build all of the different forms; each character has her own set of textures for each form as well as a different hairstyle. Though their abilities are the same, I wanted to differentiate the characters based on their different outlooks on life which are represented through the colours they wear and the ornamental devices on their clothing/armour.
Each character model is approx 3000 triangles with one 1024x1024 texture comprising of diffuse and specular maps. I also rigged and animated them with a common skeleton, using a Unity Cloth component on the sorcerer's cloak.

Orla Rua
Wireframes of the three different meshes
Knight texture(Rua's variant) Sorcerer texture(Rua's variant) Assassin texture(Orla's variant)